HAOZOUS PLACE provides an immersive cultural experience, while educating the international community about the importance of Allan Houser-Haozous to contemporary, Indigenous art.

Allan Houser Sculpture Park

Entry to the Allan Houser Sculpture Park

“My Apacheness is the mountain, the stone and the drum. I am all of them together. I am as the man who hunts and my mind begins to beat and it is my pulse and it is like my mother singing to me.”

Allan Houser signature


Cultural creativity must supersede history, popular art styles, and economic demands. It should serve a purpose beyond quaint marketing and mere decoration. Definitions of what is “art” versus “craft” are useful in stimulating a meaningful cultural dialogue. The lifeworks of Allan Houser-Haozous were intended to reevaluate the damaged dignity and identity of Indigenous people. Global art served as inspiration for Allan and his peers, with Indigenous art gaining recognition and overshadowing the constraints of western styles. The result was a uniquely creative Indigenous statement which expressed their own cultural merit and purpose. The intent of HAOZOUS PLACE is to present Indigenous art as equal to the world’s other great art.

– Bob Haozous,
Executive Director,
Allan Houser Foundation

Bob Haozous, Executive Director Allan Houser Foundation

Bob Haozous with his father, Allan Houser-Haozous


  • HAOZOUS PLACE will expose the genius of Allan Houser-Haozous to a world-wide audience. His prolific and transformative lifeworks served as a catalyst in the development of a new genre of Native American art.
  • HAOZOUS PLACE will become a premier visitor’s destination in New Mexico due to its ability to engage and inspire. Plans include a renovated sculpture park, indoor museum, archive, education center, food services, and leisure spaces.
  • HAOZOUS PLACE will showcase Indigenous art and culture. A comprehensive learning center, complete with classrooms, studios, and performance spaces, will promote the genius of Allan Houser-Haozous and highlight contemporary Native American creativity.
Allan Houser Sacred Rain Arrow bronze

Sacred Rain Arrow, Allan Houser-Haozous, 1988